Project workflow

Joyolight is a top led light company that manufactures beautiful and cutting-edge lighting materials with sophisticated designs. We offer the best lighting solutions with a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction.

Our team of professional manufacturers is capable of handling any lighting project whether simple or complex. We also offer repair services. With over four years of experience, our expertise and professionalism have put us among the best lighting companies.


Contact Joyolight agent in your region to register your details with us.

Send your lighting request to us, including details of how you want it to be, such as length, colors, temperature,drawings or photos.

We will respond with an estimate, lead time and other necessary information within 24-hours.

We’ll request that you confirm that the details of the orders are accurate.

Depending on the difficulty level of the order, our team will build your order and ship within 1-3 weeks.

We ship orders that cost more than 1000 CAD free within the country. We also offer free shipping to some parts of USA. We have no control over tarrifs and charges outside Canada.

We offer our loyal customers 2/10 NET 30

All our products have five years warranty.