Note that all terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the company, and shall replace all previous agreements or policies.


2/10 NET 30. Client will get 2% discount for full payment of invoice in 10 days from invoice date. Any payment that is not paid within 30 days will be regarded as late payment, JOYOLIGHT will contact client and revaluate client credit.

The Agent and/or Distributor, and/or Reseller shall pay all amounts owed Joyolight within thirty (30) days of receiving the invoice. Current purchases on this statement of account shall not incur any credit fee if the balance on the statement is paid for in full as at the due date. If not, credit fees shall apply to current purchases on this account statement, which shall be calculated with the average daily balance starting from the date of purchase till full payment is made, at 25% interest rate per annum during the validity period of the account statement. However, if the balance on subsequent payment is shown to have been paid in full as at the due date, previously unpaid purchases will not be subject to credit charges for as long as payment is made in full. Joyolight reserves the right to be reimbursed for every expense including the legal fees incurred in recovering the amounts due.


There shall be free shipping for orders for a pre-determined purchase amount depending on the destination of the order. The table below will direct you. Transportation fees only apply in these situations:

Standard delivery (before tax):


  • – more than 1000 CAD purchase within Canada
  • – more than 1000 USD purchase within the USA

Extra Charges Upon the Request

  • – Custom item (more than 8 feet long)
  • – Remote areas
  • – Express delivery

A shipping quote will be sent to you for approval before your order is processed.


Our Customer Service Department must authorize every cancellation request made before shipment and this request must also be in writing. Note however that there shall be NO modification or cancellation request on custom-made projects after receipt of purchase order (PO)


Prices shall be subject to unannounced modifications. The prices applicable at the point of purchase will apply to every merchandise ordered. A “Rush fee” may apply to “Rush orders” outside our standard two (2) weeks date of delivery. Note that this rush fee is non-refundable according to Joyolight policies.


The supplier shall ensure that the goods are shipped as soon as they’re available. The supplier shall notify the Agent and/or Distributor or/and Reseller of the availability of alternative products or other option unless the supplier receives a written order cancellation. The Agent and/or distributor, or/and Reseller will be informed of the approximate arrival time of the out-of-stock product.


Joyolight does not offer products installation services. Joyolight will not be liable for any loss of profit, labor and installation costs, or expenses incurred in the course of replacing or repairing products under warranty.


Joyolight reserves the right to award credit for goods that are damaged or broken in the course of shipment for deliveries paid for by Joyolight. Every claim must be filed in the first seven (7) days of receipt of the delivery or it becomes forfeited. Joyolight will not be responsible for claims for paid on delivery orders (COD).

Joyolight must be informed about lost products within seven (7) days of shipment in cases where they’re responsible for the delivery to give them time to recover the lost goods. We shall not be making any other claim to the carrier once this period elapses.

Our liability ceases as soon as the merchandises gets to the designated carrier in cases where the buyer pays for delivery and the merchandise becomes lost, broken or damaged in the course of the order. Your complaint must be addressed directly to your carrier.


Product warranty is automatically canceled by unauthorized modifications on the product, which means the customer is not entitled to any exchange or credit.


The following policies shall apply to product returns and claims.

Requests for claims and returns should be sent to our sales office by mail or fax and should include:

1. The order code and description of each Joyolight product

2. The order number.

Contact Us:

Toll-free number:1-877-849-1942

Returned goods must be accompanied by our certified RMA form.

Returned products must have been purchased in the last three (3) months and must be listed on the Return Merchandise Authorization. Joyolight reserves the exclusive right to return a merchandise back to the sender at the expense of the customer if the returned item does not meet their RMA requirements.

Returns that meet the Joyolight requirements shall be processed and returned within 30 days. Returns requiring credit must be shipped in the right condition for resale and in its original packaging. Products sold in packages must be in their full packages upon return.



For non-shape cut order, we only accept returns or exchanges with 8ft or 2.5Meters bar profiles.

LED tape:

We only accept returns or exchanges, which are NON-USED LED tape with

  • –  Ingress Protection Rating: IP33 or IP55
  • –  Color Temperature: 2700K, 3000K or 4000K
  • –  Length: 5 Meters per roll package

LED lights:

We only accept returns or exchanges with Classic Integrated (NON-SHAPE PLS series) lights. The other LED lights are all defined as CUSTOM-MADE products


All Joyolight Driver products can be returned or exchanged except a) defects caused by rough handling (including defects caused by sharp items, by bending, compressing or dropping, etc.); b) defects or damage caused by misuse (including unauthorized modifications or repairs; misapplication; power surges, etc.) of the Product(s)


All Joyolight Accessory products can be returned or exchanged except a) defects caused by rough handling (including defects caused by sharp items, by bending, compressing or dropping, etc.); b) defects or damage caused by misuse (including unauthorized modifications or repairs; misapplication; power surges, etc.) of the Product(s)


Customers will be charged a 25% fee (minimum of $70) for restocking before they can exchange items or return any of the items purchased in the preceding three (3) months for credit. The customer will bear the cost of transportation. Joyolight reserves the right to refuse credit for return of merchandise, and the cost of returning the merchandise will be borne by the shippers if we notice any manner of non-compliance after inspecting the merchandise.


There will be no returns for those NS-special order products specifically ordered for the customer and not part of the normal inventory, which means the sale is final.

NS = **No Stock**


Our custom products are manufactured to your specifications. By sending your order forms, you automatically confirm the specifications you want us to use for the manufacture of your products. Joyolight does not accept custom-made products, so any sale involving custom-made product must be considered a final sale.


Unless otherwise provided by the supplier, the supplier is bound to provide warranty for the Agent and or Distributor or/and Reseller at the commencement of the transaction, affirming that the products are free from defects for a period not less than one (1 year) commencing from the date of purchase. The warranty automatically becomes void if the buyer fails to use the product for the purpose it was intended. The supplier has the sole discretion to decide whether to offer credit notes, replace or repair products. Product examination must be in line with the RGA procedures regarding expenses incurred in storage, repair, transportation and exclusions. The supplier will be sent a written notification sixty (60) days after the defect is detected, along with proof of purchase to make a valid warranty claim. The customer might be asked by the supplier to return the products immediately.

This warranty only applies to Joyolight’s direct purchases or purchases from authorized Agents and/or Distributors, or/and Resellers.

Joyolight’s limited warranty product is the sole remedy available to an Agent and/or Distributor, and/or Reseller, and Joyolight’s sole liability to the customer. There shall be no fitness Warranty for particular purpose whatsoever. Under no circumstance will Joyolight be liable for costs or damages, which may include lost revenues or profits, special, incidental or consequential damages. No part of this warranty shall be modified whether in writing or verbally, by distributors, dealers, retailers, salespersons or any other representative.


This limited warranty does not cover damage or loss to the product occasioned by: abuse, power surges, negligence, incorrect power supply, misuse of product, power fluctuations, public disturbance, vandalism, product installation in unsuitable environment, acts of God, natural disasters, improper product maintenance, improper handling of product, improper product storage, alterations, accidents and/or product modification by anybody not authorized by Joyolight.


Joyolight product: five (5) years from invoice date;

LED accessories: five (5) year from invoice date.